Bezerk in Belgium (& Douglas Macmillan)

We were on our way to Belgium to play a gig (more later) with Tom driving, Dave navigating and the kids, Jimmy & Gareth, asleep in the back when the Dad dancing euro driving bass-man let out a big happy/loud sigh followed by “this is just bezerk!!”.

What a great word!!! It’s a new word for us, completely rediscovered. Apparently comes from the fearsome Norsemen known as ‘berserkers’ due to a rather animated approach they had to their work. Words with a ‘z’ (eg The Claze) suit us ..last word in alphabet…we love things that are last, like we love underdogs…another blog for another time.

I think we’re the complete opposite of fearsome Norsemen but its fair to say we do have a rather animated approach to our work, tough to even call it work.packing

So here we are, end of March 2014, and the whole Cornish bezerk-band of brothers spreading the smiley love type journey continues…now even into Europe.

How we ended up travelling from Cornwall to Belgium to play at our new friend Dimitri’s grande annual party is a whole other story. We stayed at the beautiful French speaking Gerpinnes south of Chaleroi and took in the sights of Dinant, home of the saxophone and dined in the beautiful citadel city and Walloon capital, Namur.

We ate Lescargo (snails) which Dimitri found very funny…Tom & Jimmy did their best, Gareth put on a brave face, Dave downed 4 in quick succession (sturdy pallet). We sampled some great belgian beer and spent a wonderful few hours at abbeye de Maraedsous. We were hugely impressioned by the serene nature of the monastery and the commitment to ‘work’ and ‘faith’ by the monks that have been working there for hundreds of years…we saw one monk he was 742 years old :-).The Claze in Dninant

We are very thankful to Dimitri and Delphine for asking us to Belgium and continually amazed that our music and approach can really make ‘new things’ such as great friendships and break boundaries so many ways.

We played on the Friday night for 3 hours, so much fun!!! Tom only knows one French speaking statement ‘Ou est La Biblioteque?’ … ‘Where is the library?’ So he used that about 4 times during the gig…slightly confusing to the locals …but Mr McIntyre was nonetheless very proud of himself.

Other news …

It was great to see Mark, Kirsty, Helen S and friend, Terrina and Helen G at our Basingstoke gig on the way back. We don’t think we’ve ever done a concert where during the singing of Nina Simone’s feeling good, a slightly inebriated chap planted a bar stool in front of the speakers and did a head stand (on said stool) while holding two wooden spoons in his mouth…he used these to drum along to most of the gig but broke 4 in the process…drummer Jimmy was proud of him.

We certainly see it all. Good head stand as well.

We’re so humbled to find in March we had been awarded the Douglas Macmillan national award for services to Macmillan Cancer support…this came through because our mate Em Wright cheekily nominated us after our work on tulips and coffee..which was written for our mate Naomi who continues to inspire us hugely as she lives life to the full and battles on through the big challenge that cancer brings.

It was also sooooo cool to have Abide played on BBC Radio 2 this month as well. We heard that there was quite a bit of jigging around during the song in the radio 2 studio and we appreciate the lovely comments from presenter Hardeep Singh Koli.

Until next time… When We’ll be back with more tales of bezerk-ness.