We were not really sure what to put here and so quickly gave up and got someone else to do it instead. This is what Emma Wright, a great friend of the band, had to say about us..

How to describe The Claze? I actually think this is quite easy!

The Claze are everything they proclaim to be and more-a life loving and faith filled band of brothers.
A group of friends, brought together through their Faith who almost have The Blues Brothers ‘mission from God’ to use music to change, improve and inspire people’s lives.
4 people who are selfless, generous and passionate about using the talent they have to benefit others.

Their work on Tulips and Coffee with Macmillan Cancer Support received National coverage, and spread the message of how community spirit and love can make such a difference to people going through difficult times.

It’s a message that often gets lost in the fast paced world we live in, but The Claze have the ability to not only create music which conveys this belief but also to do it with laughter, emotion and true heart.

As well as creating music which reflects on life, love and loss, The Claze have a bond with each other which shines from within.

Gareth, Tom, Dave and James have their faith in God which is gentle and true. And their faith in each other to support, care and stick together is what makes The Claze work so well as a band.

They sing, play and speak from the heart. They like talking about God, rugby and music over a beer. They want to make a difference. What could be more inspirational than that?

Personally we think she over did it a bit, however if you want to know a bit more and understand what we’re really like: meet the band.