Meet the band..

Gareth – lead vocals, guitars & harp

G_stuidioCornish born valley Welshman that sometimes swaps guitar for a surf board. Ideally he prefers to get everyone in the pub singing so he doesn’t have to sing himself.

He spends lots of time on a football touchline with his lads or in church leading another big singalong and occasionally practising ballet. His favourite book is the Bible and Swansea FC annual 2013. He has recently learned to play an F major chord which he thinks will widen the scope of The Claze. He thinks Wales rugby will win a grand slam every year. (He is deluded). Gareth is kept on the straight and narrow by the beautiful & long suffering Niky.

Tom – bass & vocals

tommyTom is bass guitarist and head of international marketing within the band. When not managing this high pressured and skilled role he will be found ruining a good walk with sticks on his back chasing a small white ball around a well prepared field or going nowhere particular on his bike.

As can be seen from the photo gallery, Tom, although not the brightest member of the band, is at least as attractive as some of the other members of the band. His vocabulary is also legendary, which is something that he finds himself expanding on almost daily, discovering new words at every opportunity – at the studio he discovered annotation or was that intonation…….? Either way both have been of great use since and we think you’ll agree both very impressive!!

Although open to new adventures he has turned his back on pressing wild flowers in favour of less aggressive past times.

James – drums & vocals

Jimmy_riverOfficially Jimmy is the best looking in the band where his youthfulness enables the average band age to be reduced to 27. This tub thumping, laid back carpenter is known to have stormer after stormer at gigs, although he is fortunate that gigs tend to be at night as he is completely nocturnal. He has a great harmony vocal and a good ear for recording and his mum (Teresa) makes an amazing lasagne for The Claze during recording sessions. His greatest moment last year was taking a running jump into a Canadian canoe during a break in recording and subsequently being fished out of the river Fowey.

Dave – keys & vocals

dave_2Statistically speaking, keyboard players are the most intellectual members of a band, FACT.

And as if that were not enough, Dave is also an arctic explorer and mountaineer who has tackled the world’s toughest mountain ranges and braved the planet’s most extreme and inhospitable environments… Ok, that last sentence may not actually be true, but the dream is real enough, which is why it is a little surprising that Dave is a bona fide computer geek. He maintains that being a geek is actually cool though..

He is blessed, and not a little surprised, to have a simple grace filled faith and a beautiful wife and family.