(noun: collaboration; plural noun: collaborations
the action of working with someone to produce something).

I think it was 15-16 years ago and I was surfing a lot and playing music with a band when I met this local renegade teenage kid.

He was into surfing and most definitely into music. He told me how school wasn’t working out for him for lots of reasons and he couldn’t wait to leave.

I remember how bright he was, really articulate, but even more so I remember his passion and talent for rockin’ out on his guitar and I read between the lines there was a deep, wise and compassionate soul in there.

I offered to give him a lift to the beach for a few surfs, hang out a bit and fair play he pulled into some good ones.

He turned up to a few music things I was doing and I noticed his cheeky teenage eye on my SG Guitar at the time (for those that don’t know the type made famous by another renegade school boy, Angus, from a quiet little boy-band from 70’s, AC/DC).

and there it is….

…flip to 2016, and this super-talented, successful, gravel voiced, musical head turner and compassionate souled troubadour, Josh Curnow, agreed to a request from The Claze to come and help us put an new album together because, lets face it, its all about actionable-relationships, doing something together to make something new, and good, and have the best fun….and we had proper fun making it.

Its also about looking out for each other and building bridges and because for me, the swings will always turn into roundabouts….

We’ll let you know when the album comes out as we tend to do these things independently using all our gig money, we’ve come up short at the point of getting our albums processed, duplicated and all the artwork done so we’ve got to play some gigs to earn some funds before its out.

Huge thanks to Josh for spending time with us and giving us 2 great songs and singing lead on another couple and playing loads of instruments and singing on others and humbly being on ‘the making cups of tea roster with the rest of the band’.

Big thanks to legend producer Gareth Young and top sound engineer Cardiff City man Ross Rothero Bourge for all the input.

Check out FB and other things for gigs this year, we’ve a few things going on from pubs, to festivals, to charity work to regattas even.