Flat Spells

In surfing (one of my favourite sports) there is a term known as ‘flat spells’… it relates to a period of time when the waves leave our shores. Sometimes these spells can last for weeks.

Surfers struggle with flat spells….the reason they find it so hard is because the deep relational act of connecting with waves is very life giving and freeing …

It takes many years to accept flat spells and in reality a surfer will never really come to terms with the departing of the ocean wave ….it’s why surfers are often unsettled… nomads…travellers…searchers.

It’s at this time I realise (deeply)…as much as I would like to be, I’m not in control…

I can’t make the waves arrive and I have no say in when they leave…..Gareth_surf

I do know that I can’t contain myself with joy when they turn up, when they begin to kiss our Cornish beaches, conversely I also know that my spirit has an inherent sense of lasting bereavement when they leave.

Let me share with you about that one ‘special wave’…the wave that arrives at the very moment that I happened to be in the ocean, sitting in that God given right place, at the right time, on the right day…it’s feels far from random…far from accidental.…as if I was meant to be there..…

In that moment I ‘hook in’ … I ‘catch’ and ‘connect’…it’s when unexplainable quantum mechanics come in to play…time stands still…and the wave dancing begins…it can last seconds but for me it’s a life time….unforgotten…embedded forever in my synapses and deepest parts of my God given soul.

We all will have relationships with special waves in our lives…and we will all have flat spells …because walking this earth is both immeasurably beautiful and immeasurably painful…and we’re not in control.

A surfer handles flat spells by hanging out with other surfers…in social science we call it ‘community’….and do you know what they talk about? for hours and hours…yep…you got it…’waves’…’special waves’.Naomi

Many of you know we recently lost our mate Naomi to cancer …Nomesy inspired us to write ‘tulips and coffee’…she is embedded in the deepest parts of our soul…we will always talk about Naomi and we will keep the dancing going…

We urge you to never miss an opportunity to Dance, dance and dance some more….as our ‘breathing people’ song says ..“we’re a dancing people”

The Claze – a hopeful non religious non judgemental bunch of ‘not in control’ wave kissing dancers with a loving Christian faith and more questions than answers

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